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ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1999 г., № 5


N. Kartashov. The Role of Regional Research in Provision of Library Development and Management in the Region

Presented are the concept of the investigations and the potential trends of their development at national and international levels.

V. Suvorova. Algorithm of Interaction with a Charity Foundation

S. Yezova. Helpful Librarians, Helpful Users

Positive behavior types of librarians and library users are defined on the basis of polling university students in Ulan-Ude.

G. Gordukalova, V. Minkina. Talented Pedagogue and Scholar. On the occasion of G. Gedrimovich anniversary

V. Sadykova, Ye. Vinyar. Sci-Tech Libraries of Sovereign Kazakhstan

R. Kasimtseva. Current State and Problems of Patent Information Service at State Sci-Tech Library of the Ukraine

M. Bamatova. Research Library of Daghestan State University Contributing to Ecological Education

V. Lazarev. Information Support in Disasters, After-disaster Situations and Wars.

Review of materials of the Conference "Disaster and after: The practicalities of information service in times of war and other catastrophes. A residental conference. Badock Hall, University of Bristol. 4—6 September 1998".

T. Eremenko. Staff Training and Promotion at US University Library

IFLA Board Report (1995—1997)

New standarts

Москва, 1999

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