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по вопросам теории и практики
библиотечного дела

ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1999 г., № 12


Linda Hajduhiewiez. Critical issues facing LIS journals: a publisher's view

Published is the paper presented at the 64th IFLA General Conference 1998.

Maurice B. Line. Critical issues facing LIS journals: a reader's view

Published is the paper presented at the 64th IFLA General Conference 1998.

Susan S. Lazinger. Updating reference 101: Free researchable bibliographic tools on the Web

Published is the paper presented at the 64th IFLA General conference 1998.

T.V. Petrusenko, T.M. Zharova, L.D. Starseva. ILL service at Russian National Library

Described is the experience in user service, as well as problems and possibilities of ILL in new information and technological environment.

T.I. Filimonova, L.V. Emelyanova. Providing archive materials in machine-readable form

Described is the experience of Plekhanov's House - a sector of Russian National Library.

S.V. Kashirin. The role of Yu. V. Grigoriev in the making and development of studying course "Library Collection" (To the 100th anniversary of Yu. V. Grigoriev)

Yu. N. Dresher. Medical libraries of Tatarstan Republic

The paper covers information resources of the republican medical libraries and describes the system of medical librarians' post-graduate education.

E.R. Sukiasyan. Things that you can do if you want to

The author comments activities of the Republican Library and Information Center of Tatarstan Republic.

G.A. Barsukova. 30th anniversary of Samara's State University Scientific Library

A.E. Shaposhnikov. In memory of G.P. Diyanskaya (1950-1999)



L.E. Matveeva, S.P. Menshikova. Review on the professional domestic journals received by RNPLS&T in the first half of 1999

G.P. Ghe. Review of the book by V.P. Leonov "Library syndrome. Notes of BAN director"

To K.V. Tarakanov's jubilee

Index of materials published in 1999

Москва, 1999

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