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по вопросам теории и практики
библиотечного дела

ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1999 г., № 10



N.S. Kartashov. Comparative Library Science: Objective Necessity and Specificity

V.B. Divinsky. Evolution of Strategic Management in Librarianship. Analytical Review

Beverly P. Lynch. Measurement and Evaluation of Public Libraries Activities

Paper 027-137-E presented at 64th IFLA General Conference (August 15-22, 1998, Amsterdam); Booklet 3, P. 136-140.

I.M. Belyaeva. Problems of Collection Preservation in Libraries of Russian Academy of Sciences

G.A. Evstigneeva. Printed Document or Electronic Access to It. Search for Consensus

An attempt to determine the opportunity of users services by electronic information products and their impact upon library collection development are studied on the basis of the survey of electronic publications use in foreign libraries.

M.A. Burtovaya, G.A. Evstigneeva, O.E. Piskunova,
V.A. Semochkina.
Use of CD-ROM databases in bibliographic work

The experience of Ulrich's Plus reference database use by the specialists of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Division for Foreign Literature Acquisition and Processing. The presented data are received while the design and use of automated technology of selection, processing and bibliographic data from CD-ROM reference books entry.

I.V. Lukashov. The Law of Correlation: Yu. V. Grigoriev Ideas and the Present Time. To Yu. V. Grigoriev 100 Anniversary


Yu. N. Stolyarov. Live History of A.L. Shanyavsky University Library Courses

M.A. Makarovsky. A.L. Shanyavsky University Library Courses
in 1916

N.L. Kravchuk. Pages of Bryansk State Technical University Library History


E.M. Ruchimskaya. E.L. Prizment Research Papers Collection

Москва, 1999

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