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Ежемесячный сборник
по вопросам теории и практики
библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1998 г., № 4


A. Zemskov. A Model of Sci-Tech Library for the Nearest Future

Described are the prospects for sci-tech libraries development on the basis of three-level scheme: telecommunications, traditional services, dominating use of CD-ROMs for information storage and representation to users.

N. Tsiriulnikova. Methodological Assistance Offered to the Libraries of Industrial Complex

Presented is the experience of Russian Sci-Tech Industrial Library as a methodological center. The main attention is given to the ways of cooperation with the libraries of other departmental subordination, as well as of mastering a new range of services.

T. Petrova. Librarians' Further Training

Presented is the experience of interaction between Mari State University Scientific Library and the libraries of Mari Autonomous Republic in the area of library staff further training.

Yu. Stolyarov. Back to the Native Sources, or the Growing Desease of Management in Library Science

T. Maystrovich. Users Access to Machine-Readable Resources of Information

Analyzed are various methods of access to machine-readable information mastered both by the major and small libraries.

T. Sokolova, L. Emelyanova. Solving Statistics Problems by Means of Automated User Registration

A. Dubrov. Terms of Acquisition of Foreign Sci-Tech Information

Discussed are the issues of provision the researchers of academic institutions with access to foreign journals. Analyzed are the journals acquired by Russian Academy of Science Library for Natural Sciences in 1995 and 383 articles published in them. The conclusion is made that the efficiency of research data publishing could become a new information criterion and a characteristic of scientific articles and journals.

E. Kusaya, N. Shkroba. Presentation at Library

Presented is the experience of Tula Regional Universal Scientific Library on holding presentations of books as well as museum exhibits, industrial samples by local enterprises, etc. within the framework of the traditional book fair.


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