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библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1997 г., № 3


M. Meniaev, A. Zemskov, B. Denisov. Optical Disks in Library Technology

E. Sukiasyan. Changes as a Problem of Classification System Development

Development of classification systems is determined by the changes in their structure and their content enrichment. This continuous process is based on change-phenomena in social, political and cultural life, discoveries, etc., that predetermine the necessity for such changes. Proposed is the typology of change-phenomena, described is the technology of processing, deduced is the possibility of their forecasting. Suggested is to set up an international information center with a depository library for classification systems under ISKO aegis.

E. Alexandrova. National Program of Collections Preservation. Project Development

E. Medvedeva. Current State of Business and Commercial Information Infrastructure in Ukraine

E. Zhabko. Modern Information Technologies and Business Information Supply in Municipal Libraries of Great Britain

Presented are the results of investigation of libraries activities carried out by the author during the training in Great Britain.

T. Eremenko. Libraries of Indiana State University

Director of Library of Ryazan State Pedagogical University presents the results of investigation into the US university libraries experience carried out in the course of the author' visit to the USA in January — May 1995.

I. Nazmutdinov. Libraries of Saudi Arabia

V. Leonov. Library Syndrome. Notes by Director of Russian Academy of Sciences' Library

Yu. Stolyarov. Who had set fire to Russian Academy of Sciences Library? When will we start saving it?

S. Naryzhnaya. Sergei Antonovich Paichadze — Researcher, Bibliogist, Pedagogue: The 60-th Anniversary



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