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ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 1997 г., № 11


A. Plemnek, L. Agadzhanova, V. Baranov, I. Volzhev, S. Dorofeev, S. Kupreenko, N. Sokolova. RUSLANet Project of Library Network for Research and Educational Institutions of Russian North-Western Region.

Concept and practice of setting up distributed regional library system of new generation are presented. The project is realized by S.-Petersburg State University. Project methodology is based upon the principles of open systems, distributed computations Internet technologies.

E. Sukiasyan. OCLC: New Horizons (1995-1996)

V. Kluev. A Library in the Market of Unpublished Information Products and Materials of Limited Circulation

Suggested is classification for the array of Russian libraries intellectual products based upon the investigation carried out by the author. Described are the major information complexes and libraries in the field.

A. Dubrov, O. Krasikova. Criteria and Indices for the Efficient Acquisition of Foreign Journals Collections

Presented is the criteria system for foreign journals acquisition at scientific libraries ensuring optimal collection structure under the conditions of limited subscription funding.

T. Kuzmishina. "Computer" View on the "Virtual Library" Term

T. Pavlusha. Internet for Readers

A. Chachko. Librarians to be on the Eve of XXI Century

Described are certain aspects of investigation undertaken at Kiev State Institute of Culture.

L. Kianitsa, L. Kurguzova. 90th Anniversary of the Scientific and Technological Library of Novocherkassk State Technological University

T. Karatygina. Paradoxes of L. Vladimirov, of Features of a Great Librarian Portrait.


    On the Occasion of 135th Anniversary of Nikolai Rubakin

    G. Shvetsova-Vodka. Ideas and Works of Nikolai Rubakin from the viewpoint of contemporary researcher.

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