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Министерство              Государственная публичная  
науки и технической       научно-техническая         
политики                  библиотека                 
Российской Федерации      России                     
НАУЧНЫЕ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ     Ежемесячный сборник        
БИБЛИОТЕКИ                по вопросам теории и       
                          практики библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.         № 7  (1996г.)              


Suslova I.M. A Decade of Management and Marketing in Library Theory and Practice: Polemic Reflections

Kharitonov R.P. Library and Bibliographic Services and Information Management in an Auditing Company

Dimitroff A., Blackwelder Mary B. Image of a US Medical Libraries Librarian (based on sociological polling)

Vitukhnovskaya A.A. Information Culture of a Secondary School Graduates: A Case Study. The problems of forming the information culture of students in teachers' training high schools are presented.

Arzukhanov A.S. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology Activities in the Field of Staff Training and Retraining. The article is based on the paper presented at the 2 International Conference "Crimea 95"

Nazmutdinov I.K. Libraries of Korea Republic. A brief review of modern libraries is presented.


Tereshin V.I. How to Protect Library Collections


Москва, 1996

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