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Министерство              Государственная публичная  
науки и технической       научно-техническая         
политики                  библиотека                 
Российской Федерации      России                     
НАУЧНЫЕ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ     Ежемесячный сборник        
БИБЛИОТЕКИ                по вопросам теории и       
                          практики библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.         № 6  (1996г.)              


Sokolov A.V. Philosophy and library science: an invitation to reflection

Zhabko E.D., Sokolova T.V. A user as an subject of investigation. The article is based on the materials of multiaspect user investigation conducted in Russian National Library in 1994—1995.

Menyajev M.F. Library acquisition in conditions of limited funding. The article examines the experience of N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technological University.

Dolores M. Hoells. Working with electronic information: the librarian's changing role. The article is a translation into Russian of the paper presented at the 61st IFLA General Conference (Istanbul, 1995). Published by the author's kind permission.

Herbert Achleitner. Information management: a tool for national economic development. The article contains the paper presented at the Third International Conference "Crimea 95": Libraries and Associations in the Transient World: New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation.

Nazmutdinov I.K. Republic of South Africa research libraries. The author presents a review of the history, development and state of the art of South African libraries.


Stolyarov Yu. N. The original collection, a match for the author

Shraiberg Ja. L. Review


Москва, 1996

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