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Министерство              Государственная публичная  
науки и технической       научно-техническая         
политики                  библиотека                 
Российской Федерации      России                     
НАУЧНЫЕ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ     Ежемесячный сборник        
БИБЛИОТЕКИ                по вопросам теории и       
                          практики библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.         № 5  (1996г.)              


Kugel S.A., Zusman O.M., Minkina V.A. Library and scientist meeting each other. The article presents the results of investigation into the information behaviour of scientists — representatives of St. Petersburg scientific elite (based on the results of polling of 294 specialists in different fields of knowledge).

Vasilchenko N.P. Forming of library collections. The author reflects on the notion of "library collections forming".

Bazikalo A.A. The role of the methodological amalgamation in managing the university libraries in Primorsk region

Vysotskaya Z.G. Alexandr G. Zakharov's 75th jubilee

Stakhevich A.M. Back to L.B. Khavkina. The 125th anniversary

Globatchev O.I. The International Scientific Seminar "Sci-Tech Information in Central and Eastern European Countries"

Nazmutdinov I.K., Tsan Tse. Research libraries in China


Simonov B.A. Information science: a dialectical approach


МОСКВА, 1996

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