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Министерство              Государственная публичная  
науки и технической       научно-техническая         
политики                  библиотека                 
Российской Федерации      России                     
НАУЧНЫЕ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ     Ежемесячный сборник        
БИБЛИОТЕКИ                по вопросам теории и       
                          практики библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.         № 3  (1996г.)              


Chraiberg Ya.L., Goncharov M.V. State of the art and perspectives of network information technologies and telecommunication access development in Russian libraries

Kartashov N.S. The essence and criteria of libraries typology. Examined are the features of libraries typology. Analysed are different library scientists' approaches towards libraries classification and typology, substantiated are the criteria and typological features of the major library types.

Sukiasian E.R. Universal Decimal Classification: On the threshold of the second century

Medvedeva E.A., Nagornaya L.Ya. Specialist's Information Culture. Presented are the contents of Kharkov University of Culture curricula.

Urbonas V. The future of micrography. The future of micrography is examined in the context of development of the new information technologies based on CDs. Examined are the fields of microforms and CD—ROMs applications.

Nazmutdinov I.K. Research Libraries in Spain


Petrovsky V.B. The boldness of the project and disadvantages of the methodology

Yezova S.A. Reflections on social and psychological basics of library services in I.A. Meizhis interpretation


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