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Министерство              Государственная публичная  
науки и технической       научно-техническая         
политики                  библиотека                 
Российской Федерации      России                     
НАУЧНЫЕ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ     Ежемесячный сборник        
БИБЛИОТЕКИ                по вопросам теории и       
                          практики библиотечного дела
ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.         № 2  (1996г.)              



Shraiberg Ya.L. The History and Application of MARC Formats in the Practice of Russian and FSU Library Automation

Andreev V.Yu., Kuprianov I.Yu. Creation of a Unified Federal Automated Library Network: Problems and Challenges

Borisenko I.M., Tumanova T.D., Chigrik T.G. Meeting Information Demands of Specialists by Using MAIS Municipal Automated Information Network

Solodkov A.T. Computerization of Belarus Libraries

Abarus P., Sakalauskayte E. Automated Control of New Types of Information Resources

Obraztsova I.Yu., Chubukova T.S. Automation of User Service Technologies

Lisitsina G.S. New Trends of ILL and Document Delivery Activities in Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

Eronina E.A. Prospects of Electronic Document Delivery in Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

Goncharov M.V. Telecommunication Systems of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology: the Present State and Prospects

Elisina E.Yu., Maistrovich T.V. Optical CDs in Reference-Bibliographic Service: Experience of Russian State Library

Borisova O.B. State of the Art in Librarianship: Assessment in Scientometric Investigations Review of 1980—1990 publications describing the various trends in librarianship development by scientometric methods.

Ruchimskaya E.M. Some Proposals on Subject Headings Language Unification. The article is based on the report presented on May 17, 1995 at the second Russian Conference of the International Society of Knowledge Organization (Moscow). The significance of subject headings unification is shown.

Sulimenko S.I., Borisova K.L. Research Information Activities of Russian D.I. Mendeleyev Chemical and Technological University. Presented are the major trends of activities; peculiarities of library and information services integral system organization; the problems of information resources use to support the higher school activities.

Galimova E.Ya. Training of Information Specialists in the Field of Business Activities

Luijendijk W. Archiving Electronic Journals from the Serial Information Provider's Perspective

Nazmutdinov I.K. Libraries of Australia

Москва, 1996

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