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V. Polyanov. State Standards of Library Information Education as the Mirror of Our Library Transformations

T. Bakhturina. Language Practice and Bibliographical Description (to the Review of GOST 7.1-84) 

V. Zverevich. Alma Mater Seven Years later: Library Education
and Library Services Organization at St. Johns University,
New York, USA

V. Lavrushkina. The Formula of the Library Cooperation: 1+1=3

The cooperation experience in the libraries of Great Britain from the view point of the Russian specialist.

Problems of Information Society

B. Wegner, G. Evstigneeva. Electronic Means of Information
in the Teaching Process and Investigations. The Libraries Role
as the Information Intermeditories.

J. Thorhauge. Scandinavian Information Policy and Financing
The translation of the report, represented at the annual conference Bielefeld2002.

C. Taylor. The Movie Is in the Mail
The abridged translation of the article from Times.  March 18, 2002,  159. P.


E. Sukiasyan. Serious Investigation of Information Technologies
in the USA University Libraries


Automatic Data Capture, ADC

Personal Digital Assistant, PDA

To the Anniversary  of  V. Leonov

Director of Russian Academy of Sciences Library!

A. Sokolov. The Fortune of the Librarian-Bibliographer in Russia

The List of Main Publications by V. Leonov


N. Burta. The Technical Library Automation Experience

Supplement to 9

Russian Federation Government Decree: On the Approval of the Single List of Academic Degrees and Academic Ranks and Rules on the Conferring the Academic Degrees

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