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The Federal Law on Introduction of Changes and Additions
to the Federal Law On the Deposit Copy of the Document

N. Kartashov. The Main Directions and Objects of the Analysis
of the Library Management System
Several thoughts about the necessity of the analytical approach to the fundamental changes in the system of library management.

N. Vasilchenko. The Model of the Library as the Social
The opinion about the library components as the social institution of the society.

V. Khurgin. The Copyright and the Library Activity

Lesley Ellen Harris. A Licensing Primer for Information Managers
The abridged translation of the article from  Managing Information. 2001, Vol. 8, N 10. P.

E. Sukiasyan. Indexing of Documents. General Requirements for Classifying and Indexing Subject

N. Kolobova. The Standards the Way to the Quality
The experience of the normative documents department on the standardization of the Byelarus National Technical Library.

S. Kvachan, T. Mikhlyukova. The Automation in the Byelarus National Technical Library: yesterday and nowadays
The experience of the department of scientific achievements introduction of the Byelarus National Technical Library.

N. Nesterenok. The Old Traditions, the New Technologies
The experience of work of bibliographic reference department of Byelarus National Technical Library.

Electronic libraries: Problems and Solutions

Kim Guenther. Making Your Digital Library Accessible
The abridged translation of the article from Computers in Libraries. 2001, Vol. 21, N 9. P. 6163.

V. Tsvetkova, E. Zinovyeva. The Market of the Electronic Journals of Abstracts in Russia
The given publication is prepared in the frameworks of the RFFI Project N 010790103v and is represented as the report at the International Conference LIBCOM 2001 (1216 Nov. 2001; Ershovo, Moscow region).

E. Kozhevnikova. The Modern Technologies in the University Library. Problems of Creation of Electronic Libraries
The experience of work of Scientific library of the Irkutsk State Economic Academy.

IFLA 2001

The Problems of the International Books Exchange at the IFLA 2001

G. Evstigneeva. The International Book Exchange in Russian Libraries: yesterday, today and tomorrow


. Zemskov, I. Skorikova. The subject of the forum The reliable information for everybody


Defence of Dissertation

The official recognation of the conception of the training of specialists-bibliophysicians


Z. Vysotskaya. The New Collection on the Role of the Libraries in the History Through of the Society Development

N. Kustova. Throughthe Pages of the New Book

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