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A. Zemskov. Electronic Libraries as the Element of the Information

V. Fedorov. Information Resources of Society: Problems
of Forming and Use

W. Noorlander. Righs and Obligations of Information Users
The abridged translation of the article from Online. 2001, Vol. 25, N 6.

E. Sukiasyan. Professional Librarians Linguistic Culture,
or Be Careful with Translation!

O. Blynskaya. Corporative Culture of the V.D. Fedorov Regional
Scientific Library (Kemerovo)
The results of the investigations, carried out by the department of scientific prognostication and development of the librarianship in the year 2000.

O. Ushakova, T. Komorosvkaya. Introduction of Computer
Technologies in the National Technical Library of the Siberian
State Technological University

O. Shulyga. The Improvement of Qualification of the Staff
of the Libraries in the Sci-Tech Sphere
The working experience of the National Public Library
of Byelarus Republic.

M. Yasyuk.  Marketing: It is Difficult but Possible
The working experience of the marketing department of the Byelarus National Public Library with Byelarus mass media.

T. Petrova. Ecology and the Library
The work of the libraries of Mari El Republic on ecological public education.

IFLA 2001

The News Letters of the Section of the Sciene and Technology
Libraries (Autumn 2001)


E. Sukiasyan. The Professional (To the 70th anniversary
of I.G. Morgenshtern)

V. Malkina. The 70th Anniversary of the Library of the Nizhni
Novgorod State Medical Academy


V. Petrovsky. Problems of the Market Economy: Yesterday,
Today, Tomorrow

E. Kolomeichuk.  The Unique Source of Information on Regional
Library Editions

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