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E. Kolomeichuk. The Structure of the Library Service
in the Universal Scientific Libraries of Russia

L. Drygina, T. Komorovskaya. Library Service Monitoring
One of the important aspects of marketing in the National Technical Library of the Siberian State Technological University.

N. Kovalenko. The Renewing of the Book Stock. Estimation
and Calculation Principles
The results of the research, done by the Russian National Library in cooperation with the other central libraries of the subjects of Russian Federation.

L. Pavlova, I. Pavlova. The Problem of the Memorial Library Organization
The following two aspects of the library service organization are considered: the tendencies to the memorial libraries organization and the opportunity of creation of the electronic catalogues for their stocks.

Y. Avraeva. Saga about Methodists or Put in a Word for Poor Methodist (The opinion about the sore point subject) 

S. Ezova. The Demands of the Readers and the Librarians of the National Libraries in Psychological Support 
The results of the research, done by the students of the library faculty of the East-Siberian State Academy of Culture and the Arts in the National Libraries of Buryat Autonomous Republic and Jakut Autonomous Republic.


Sheri L. Lanza. Bookmarks: Our Unryly, Unmanagable Friends
The abridged translation of article from Searcher: The Magazine for Database professionals. 2001, Vol. 9, 3.

T. Eremenko. Cataloging of Internet Resources. (The Experience of the Libraries in the USA) 

D. Fichter. Zooming in: Writing Content for Intranets
The abridged translation of the article from Online. 2001, Vol. 25, 6. P. 8083.

Online Information Service
The note is based on the materials of the article by Stacey Kimmel and Jenne Heise (Lehigh University), published in Online. 2001, Vol. 25, 6. P. 3039.

L. Letunova. Automated System of Information Service. (The Experience of Work of Scientific and Technical Libraries of Russian Railway Transport)


T. Rodionova. Use of IRL of Lexical and Symbolic Type in the Process of Classifying

T. Markarova. The Subject Thesaurus in the Information Retrieval System

IFLA Project

Paulin Connoly. Is there a Need for a Library Twinning Focal Point? The IFLA Twinning Project and beyond
The report 163168, represented at the 66-th General IFLA Conference (1318 aug. 2000. Jerusalem, Israel).     


V. Tereshin. Fedor Ivanovich Karatygin. To the 110-th Jubilee

E. Sukiasyan. Melville Dewey


A. Sokolov. The Common Characteristic of the Library Intelligence
of New Generation

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