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N. Pavlova. LIS Journal as a Mirror of the Professional
Community (taking the collection Scientific and Technical
Libraries as an example)

S. Borodina. Directly Oriented Monitoring of the Personnel and
the Educational Service Problem in the Library-Information Field

E. Sukiasyan. Is it the Right Time to Close the Systematic
Catalogue, or not?

Shirly Cousins. Virtual OPACs Versus Union Database:
Two Models of Union Catalogue Provision
The translation of the article from The Electronic Library. 1999. Vol. 17, 2.

E. Kozhevnikova. University Library Reader in the Future Digital
Society. Social-Psychological Consequences of the Libraries

V. Markova. Conceptual Approach of the Technical University
Library to the Education of Students

I. Kuzmina. Dagestan Republic Library: history in brief,
and users questionnairing Results Analysis

E. Protopopova. Bryansk Region Library as the Patent-Information



M. Shcheglova. Scientific Library of Kamchatka State Technical
University and its History

G. Bulusheva. Revealing of the Principal (To the 70th Anniversary
of Magnitogorsk State University Library)



A. Shaposhnikov. T.F. Karatygina about the People
and the Events of the Passed Century

N. Valeeva. The book of the Grateful Student

Index of the Materials, Published in 2002


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