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Ежемесячный сборник
по вопросам теории и практики
библиотечного дела

ОСНОВАН в 1961 г.

2001 г., № 7


I. Vasiljev. The Evaluation of the Institutional Characteristics of the Librarianship
The results of the sociological analysis "The objective and the institutional structure of the librarianship research work of Russia", carried out by the Russian National Library in 1998.

V. Klyuev. The Academic Librarianship within the Central Scientific Agricultural Library
The analysis of the activity of the "Librarianship" department of the International Academy of Informatization for the period of the year 2000 is carried out, the promising directions of further work are given.

T. Kuznetsova, E. Sukiasyan. The Educational Programs of the Retraining and Improvement of Qualification of the Staff of the Library at the Federal Level

N. Zbarovskaya. Training Games in the System of Improvement 
of Qualification

T. Petrusenko. Reserve Book Stocks for Exchange as the National Information Resource. The New Look at the Forgotten Problem.

E. Kolomeichuk. The Periodicals in the Stocks of the Central Universal Libraries of the Subjects of Russian Federation
The results of the analysis of the book acquisition with the periodicals, carried out by the Russian National Library on the basis of the statistical data for the period of the year 1999.

E. Savina. The Periodicals in the Document Stock of the Library of the Ivanovo State Medical Academy

N. Semirogova. Dataware of the Problems of the Multilevel System of the Pedagogical Education. To the 70th Anniversary of the Library of the Volgograd State Pedagogical University

N. Zakrevskaya, E. Melentyeva. From the Rare Books up to up-to-date Technologies. To the 80th Anniversary of the Leading (Republican) Scientific-Methodical Library on Physical Culture and Sports

O. Voverene. Diodor Efremovich Shekhurin (1925-1992). The outline of the life and the activity

E. Rokitskaya, V. Rokitsky. The Chief of the XXIst Century. 
To the Anniversary of V.A. Minkina


Москва , 2001

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