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ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 2000 г., № 9



V. Lasarev. Library mission: principles of formation

The demands to the formulation of mission, adopted in the USA. Several formulations of missions of libraries and Librarian Associations of the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Buelarus are analyzed in order to solve a problem if they meet these demands. The procedure of formation and use of formulations of missions, recommended by American specialists, is given.

I. Vasiljev. The estimation of the cognitive state of the librarianship

The results of specialists in librarianship questioning, carried out by Russian National Library in 1998 in the framework of investigation "Thematic and institutional structure of librarianship scientific researches of Russia".

S. Borodina. Optimization of content of theoretical librarianship courses

The changes in the sequence of study and content of basic disciplines of the librarianship cycle.

Yu. Stolyarov. Material and technical base of the library as the curriculum

V. Shilov. Library stock: restoration, interchangeability, innovation

The content and quantity interpretation of three basic conceptions, relevant to document library stock.

A. Chachko. Markerting approach as the cataloguer of modern library transformation

O. Sladkova, L. Pirumova, V. Stelletsky. Use of the technology of the information monitoring in the library practice (on the example of the Central Scientific Agricultural Library of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

G. Shcherbinina. Phylosophy of coordinate indexing

E. Sukiasyan. The electronic catalogue and the reader. (Concluding remarks to the G.S. Shcherbinina's article "Phylosophy of the coordinate indexing")

L. Bjornshauge. Consortia licensing, national electronic library projects — Nordic approaches — centralisation and/or co-operation

The review report on 5 Northern countries, represented at the Bielefeld 2000 Conference (Germany, 7—10 Febr. 2000).

A. Solyanik. The Ukranian Law "On the obligatory copy of a document"

T. Karatygina. Three names on the cover (To the anniversaries of O. Globachev, N. Pavlova, Yu. Yurov)

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