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Ежемесячный сборник
по вопросам теории и практики
библиотечного дела

ОСНОВАН в 1961 г. 2000 г., № 11




L. Meshalkin , A. Zakharov, A. Dubrov. Information Supply of Scientific Process

The role of fundamental libraries in information supply of scientific researches is considered. The program with the new technology of estimation of relevance of information sources is offered.

T. Lovkova. Library Conflictology as the Educational Discipline

Social-psychological aspects of library conflicts, the ways of their settlement are studied by "library conflictology" — the course by the choice in Saint-Petesburg State University of Culture and Arts. The author of the article is the initiator of cretaion and introduction of this course.

E. Sukiasyan. Library Conflictology. For and Against

V. Suvorova. International Documents Exchange in the Central Scientific Agricultural Library of the Agricultural Academy of Russia: Historical Aspects (1935—1995)

E. Kolomejchuk. The Problem of the Exchange-Reserve Stocks of Libraries in the Domestic Literature for the Last Forty Years

Yu. Stolyarov. Unknown Stocks

T. Zhdanova. Training Programs for Amateures

The review of the curriculum and the program of the Higher Library Courses, published in 1999 by the Russian State Library.

John.F. Buydos. Science and Technology Electronic Information Resources at the Library of Congress of the USA. Part I

The report at the 3rd International School and the Seminar "Electronic Resources and the Information Exchange: East-West" (Washington, DC, 16—17 March 2000). The material is publicated by the author's polite permission.

A. Zemskov. Conference Bielefeld'2000. The Review of the Papers



T. Karatygina. To the Anniversary of K.I. Abramov

M. Khuade. The 80th Anniversary of the Kuban State University

L. Philippskikh. The 70th Anniversary of the Bryansk State Engineering-Technological Academy

A. Frolova. The 70th Anniversary of the Volzhsky State Academy of Water Transport

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