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The Second World Professional Forum 
"The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations" ("Crimea-2016")

On June 4 – 12, 2016, in the town of Sudak, Republic of Crimea, Russia, The Second World Professional Forum "The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations" ("Crimea-2016") will be held.

It is the world professional forum for leadership and staff of libraries, publishing houses, book trade and book distribution businesses, museums, archives, information centers, universities, colleges, computer and Internet companies, for business, law, scientific, cultural, and educational institutions.

The Forum will comprise:

- the Twenty Third International Conference «Libraries and information resources in the modern world of science, culture, education and business». Topic 2016: «Libraries and Education: Role of digital resources»;

- the Second Museum Assembly. Topic: «To preserve traditions, to implement innovations»;

- the Xth International Symposium «Universities of Culture and Arts in the Global Education Space»;

- the Second Industry Conference of Publishers and Book Distributors.

During the Forum, the Exhibition «Library Systems, Information and Publishing Products» will be open where libraries, associations, publishing houses, universities, companies, and other organization will introduce their products and services.

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (RNPLS&T) is the main Forum organizer.

The co-organizers are: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media; Russian State Library; M. I. Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature; Moscow State Institute of Culture, and several other libraries and organizations.

Traditionally, the Forum subject scope covers the whole range of issues of contemporary library and information infrastructure, research and cultural collaboration, information services delivered by various organizations – from libraries and museums to publishing houses and book stores. The core Forum focus will be on: use of modern computer technologies in library, information and museum spheres, education technologies, e-libraries and digital resources, copyright, reading problems, etc.

The participants will also give their close attention to national programs aimed to provide information and innovative support of science and education (National Electronic Library, Russian Science Map, etc.), preservation of the national document resource, and global professional cooperation. The first conference of a new National Library Association “Libraries of the Future” will be also held.

The Forum is to boost international collaboration in many professional spheres, to promote real-life communication between professionals in Russia and the world, exchange of new concepts and the most successful experiences.

We are sure that your participation in the Forum will be a valuable contribution to its success.

We are happy to welcome you to the wonderful land of Crimea!

Historical overview

The first Crimea Conference was held in 1994, in Eupatoria, the resort of the steppe Crimea; it was there where the second conference was held, but in 1996, it was moved to the famous place of Foros.

Since 1997, the Crimea Conference has been held in Sudak, one of the most beautiful places of the Black Sea Crimean Coast, which history dates back to antiquity.

Main professional events of the Conference are organized on the premises of one of the largest and most beautiful Crimea health resorts – “Sudak” Tourist and Health Center located in a unique landscape park on the shore of the Sudak Bay.

Albeit its international status, the “Crimea” Conference does not set any definite political goals for itself. Meanwhile, it is very efficient in people’s diplomacy, broadening the borders of information space and building opportunities for close organizational collaboration in science, culture and education information support at every level in the countries represented at the Conference – or, since 2015, the Forum.

For 20 years (up to the year 2014), the Conference had been contributing to support of the Russian language and preservation of Russian culture in the Crimean land. Every year, it donated thousand of copies of books in Russian to Crimean libraries. For them, this project was nearly the only source of collection development with much-needed publications in Russian.

Considering the role of the Conference as a unique professional event that evidences on the achievements in science, culture, and education support in Russia, and its significance for the post-Soviet space, we believe that the government’s organizing role and support are vital and have to be increased.

Not once that the “Crimea” Conference was warmly greeted by the President of Russian Federation, President of Ukraine (up to the year 2013), parliamentary leaders, ministries, and non-government organizations, which demonstrates the importance of and demand for its lasting contribution.

In 2015, the Twenty Second Crimea Conference overstepped over the library framework and become one of core vectors of the World Professional Forum "The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations" ("Crimea").

The Chair of the World Professional Forum "Crimea” is Yakov Shrayberg, Dr. Sc. In Engineering, Professor, RNPLS&T Director General.

RNPLS&T’s employees make the core of the Forum Organizing Committee.

Forum venue: “Sudak” Tourist and Health Center, 89 Lenina st., Sudak, Republic of Crimea, , Russia


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