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Free Tours

On June 11th, the Organizing Committee offers several free one-day tours for all the conference participants. Preregister for a tour of your choice via provided forms. Don’t forget to confirm your participation on site and get a ticket from the Organizing Committee representative in the conference registration zone on June 10th from 10am till 10pm.

Tour 1

Route: Simferopol – Bakhchisarai – Khan’s Palace – Uspensky Monastery – Chufut-Kale
Start: 7.30am
Duration: 13 hours
Walking part of the tour: 3 km
Note: you will need comfortable shoes and a hat. Good state of health is essential.

During the tour you will be able to feel the oriental spirit of the Crimean Middle Ages. Among numerous monuments of architecture of Bakhchisarai, the mausoleums and the mosques, the most significant is the former palace of Crimean khans – Khan’s Palace (17th-18th centuries). Lattices on narrow windows, thin minaret towers, ancient halls, intricate patterns of inscriptions, plentiful greenery of pergolas and serenity of courtyards. Everything enchants visitors here. You will see the Fountain of Tears sung by A.S.Pushkin. The exhibition at the Khan’s Palace tells about the medieval history, life, traditions and culture of Crimean Tatars.

Near Bakhchisarai there is Uspensky cave monastery - one of the Christians relics of the Crimea. Founded by Byzantine monks in the period of late 7th – early 9th century is has gone through devastation and wars but has revived and is now a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians.

Chufut-Kale cave city is located on a mountain plateau and connected with Bakhchisarai by a picturesque shady road (1,5 km). Chufut-Kale means Jewish Fortress and you’ll have a chance to get acquainted with the history of ancient Crimean people, karaims.

You will have free time in Bakhchisarai for lunch.

Tour 2

Route: Simferopol - Angar Passage - Demerdzhi - Funa Fortress - Stone Chaos, Ghosts Valley– Luchistoe – Rybachye – Morskoye
Start: 7am
Duration: 13 hours
Walking part of the tour: 5 km
Note: you will need comfortable shoes and a hat. Good state of health is essential.

Demerdzhi (Smith Mountain) is one of the most attractive and mysterious mountains of the Main Ridge, one of Crimean natural wonders. Demerdzhi is equally beautiful at any time of the day. Its color changes hourly. In the past the mountain was called Funa which means “smoking.” The fortress was destroyed during one of Crimean earthquakes. You will be able to see ancient settings, walls and loopholes. The trail leads from the Funa Fortress to the Ghosts Valley where unusual landscapes strike imagination.

Demerdzhi southern tops offer a sublime view of the blue bowl of the sea, Alushta amphitheater with gardens, vineyards, white city at the sea, grand mountains: Babugan, Chatyrdag, Kastel’, Karabi, Ayu-Dag, Meganom, Sokol.

Tour 3

Route: Novy Svet – Golitsyn’s Trail – Golitsyn’s Grotto - “Novy Svet” Sparkling Wines Factory - Tasting
Start: 7.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm
Duration: 5 hours
Walking part of the tour: 1,5 km
Note: you will need comfortable shoes and a hat.

You will visit Novy Svet - one of the pearls of the Crimean coast. More than 125 years ago Prince L.S.Golitsyn founded a sparkling wines factory in Novy Svet. Prince Golitsyn was a hospitable person. Not only he aspired to treat the visitors with magnificent champagne but wished to show them the genuine charm of this amazing place. Prince ordered to make trails on the slopes of coastal rocks so that everyone could admire the endless emerald sea, the power of the mountains, unique bays, and mysterious grottos. Russian Champagne is produced with traditional technology from best grapes. It is kept in gigantic stone tunnels digged in Koba-Kaja monolithic rock.

During the tour you will walk the Golitsyn’s Trail to the Variety Grotto, then up to the winery where you will hear about the production of sparkling wines, visit cellars and taste sparkling wines.

Tour 4

Route:“Sudak” Winery
Start: 9.40am, 12.40pm, 3:40pm
Duration: 3 hours

Make yourself a little holiday. Treat yourself to wine tasting at “Sudak” Winery, one of the oldest Crimean wineries belonging now to Massandra Union. Winery museum tells about Sudak as a birthplace of Russian wine-making famed by the names C.Stephen and P.Pallas. Wines are served in a Classical room. The Rich Massandra collection combines the generosity of Crimean sun and unique palate, traditions and exquisite taste, color abundance and vintage variety. Once you taste the wines, you’ll no longer hesitate what to bring home from the Crimea, as Surozh wines make the best gifts.