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  • Eighth International Conference

    "Crimea 2001"

    "Libraries and Associations in the Transient World:

    New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation"

    The Conference "Crimea 2001" will be held under the aegis of IFLA

    The 2001 year Topic: Producers and Users of Printed and Electronic Information on the Way to Information Society


    Main venue: Sudak

    Guest sessions: Yalta, Alushta, Feodosia, Kerch, Koktebel, Stary Krym


    Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine

    June 9-17, 2001

    Draft list of events at the “Crimea 2001” Conference


    1. Worldwide Information Infrastructure and Interlibrary Cooperation

    2. Automated Library Systems and Technologies

    3. Online Technologies, CD-ROM and the Internet in Libraries

    4. Electronic Libraries

    5. Libraries and Museums in a Global Information and Cultural Environment

    6. Library Staff: Profession and Education

    7. Information and Linguistic Support of Library Information Systems

    8. Development and Preservation of Library Collections

    9. University Informatization and Information Culture of the Youth

    10. Cooperation of Libraries with Book Market Participants

    11. Library as a Center of Ecologocal Culture


    1. Corporate Library Information Systems

    2. Continuing Library Education as a Strategy and Requisite for Development

    3. The Ethics of Electronic Information

    4. Business and Legal Information

    5. Electronic Document Delivery

    6. Children, Computers, and the Internet: the Role of Libraries and Training Issues

    7. Latest CDS/ISIS Developments, Extensions, and Applications for Users

    8. Modern Computer Technologies in Libraries for the Blind

    9. Library, Municipal Information and Regional Studies

    10. The Fortune of Book and Archives Collections: Their Past Present and Future

    11. Network Integration of Information Resources of Leading Russian Libraries and Information Centres (LIBWEB Project)

    12. Corporate Libraries

    13. The Library of Future: Architecture, Design, Technologies

    14. UNESCO Program “Information for Everybody”

    15. Cultural Politics and Libraries

    16. The Country Library

    Satellite Events

    Annual Conference of ILIAC Users and Partners

    Annual Conference of the International Assosiation of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT)

    Special Round Table Dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of “Scientific and Technical Libraries” Journal

    IFLA Round Table “Managment of Library Associations”

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