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The Twenty First International Conference and Exhibition "LIBCOM-2017"
"Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries"
«TOURCENTER» Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region, Russia
November 20–24, 2017
Russian version


On November 23, we invite the Conference participants to join us in the free guided bus and walking tour of the town of Suzdal and the bus tour of Ivanovo (including shopping at Ivanovo textile center).

Please choose a tour and register at our website so we could arrange transportation. On the day of arrival, November 20, please don’t forget to confirm your booking and pick up your boarding coupons at the registration desk to produce on the tour bus.

Route 1
Bus and walking tour of the town of Suzdal

Departure time: 9.30
Duration: 4 hours

During the tour, you will get familiar with the main architectural attractions of the ancient town of Suzdal, among them the Kremlin and the Burse, the Convent of the Intercession of the Virgin (Pokrovsky monastyr) and Michael the Archangel Parish, the completely restored territory with the churches and the 18-th century bell-tower.

Finally, you will visit the The Spaso-Evfimiyev Monastery and its display of the book treasures of six centuries, embracing manuscripts, incunabula, and the books of 18-th — early 20-th centuries. One more museum to visit at the Monastery is the Suzdal Prison for aristocrats, founded in the 18-th century during the reign of Ekaterina the Great. The display consists of two section: the first narrates on the prison history and its captives in the pre-revolutionary period, and the second one — on the Soviet period of the prison. You will also get a chance to visit the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the main monastery’s church, where you will see, the recently restored fresco painting and icons of the 17th century painted by Kostroma artist guided by famous master Gury Nikitin/


Tour 2
Bus tour of the town of Ivanono. Shopping at RIO-Ivanovo Textile Center

Departure time: 8.00
Duration: 6 hours

RIO-Ivanovo is the largest specialized shopping center in Russia’ textile capital city of Ivanovo collecting over 700 textile manufacturers. You will get a chance to buy textile products at wholesale prices.

During the bus tour, you will admire the gorgeous monuments of civil and religious architecture. These are the Dormition Church, a masterpiece in the wooden architecture of the 17-th century , and the famous Shchudrov’s Little House—the oldest stony building in Ivanovo, in fine state of preservation; it was built for merchant Osip Shchudrov. In Ivanovo, many manufacturers’ mansions of various styles, built in the 17-th—19-th centuries are well preserved.

Ivanovo is also a museum of Soviet civil architecture where many original building were being erected. You will see the Metaphor Houses, the Ship House, the Bird House and even the Bullet House!


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