Eighteenth International Conference and Exhibition LIBCOM-2014
"Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries"
«TOURCENTER» Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region
November 10-14, 2014
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Dear colleagues,

Please be reminded that the time of Exhibition of International Conference «LIBCOM 2014» (November 10—14, 2014) is coming. Please find below the information you will need to plan for you participation.

Standard exhibition module (2.7m) is fenced with panels on three sides (front – 1 panel 2.1m x 2.70 m, side walls – one panel 2.1 m x 1.3 m, and a protruding table); included are: a table, 2 chairs, and electrical power, with no fascia.

Extended exhibition module (5.4m) is fenced with panels on three sides (front – 2 panels 2.1m x 2.7 m, side walls - one panel 1 m x 2.2 m and raised table); included are 2 tables, 4 chairs, and electrical power, with no fascia.

Additional equipment for the participants of the Exhibition can not be ordered either online or on-site.

Timetable of exhibition mounting and demounting


November 10, starting 5pm, November 11, 9am— noon

The Exhibition will open on November 11 after the Plenary Session is finished (approximately at 1pm—2pm)


November 13, 2 pm— 6pm

Please note that next event on the Exhibition venue will start to be prepared on November 14, at 12pm, so all demounting and removal works shall be completed before this time.

Besides, as the Exhibition is a part of the Conference, all those who work at the Exhibition stands shall be the Conference registered participants.

Whether you have any further questions please forward them to Ms Galina V. Potapova via e-mail: potapova@gpntb.ru

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