World Scientific Publishing Books


 1. A Theory of Scattering for Quasifree Particles

 2. Active Control of Aircraft Cabin Noise

 3. Adaptive Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems

 4. Advanced Signal Processing on Brain Event-Related Potentials

 5. Advances in Geosciences vol.22

 6. Advances in Geosciences vol.24

 7. Advances in Geosciences vol.28

 8. Advances in Geosciences vol.31

 9. Advances in Multi-Photon Processes and Spectroscopy

10. An Elementary Introduction to Queueing Systems

11. An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms

12. Applied Uncertainty Analysis for Flood Risk Management

13. Aqueous Lubrication

14. Bioprinting Principles and Applications

15. Chemical Theory beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Paradigm

16. Cluster Computing for Robotics and Computer Vision

17. Compendium of In Vivo Monitoring in Real-Time Molecular Neuroscience

18. Computation of Mathematical Models for Complex Industrial Processes

19. Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids

20. Controllable Synthesis, Structure and Property Modulation and Device Application of One-Dimensional Nanomaterials

21. Cooling of Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic Equipment

22. Cyclodextrin Chemistry

23. Design of Coastal Structures and Sea Defenses

24. Direct Modeling for Computational Fluid Dynamics

25. Electricity Generation Using Wind Power

26. Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Molecular Systems

27. Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging vol.1

28. Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging vol.2

29. Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging vol.3

30. Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging vol.4

31. Endohedral Fullerenes

32. Extended-Nanofluidic Systems for Chemistry and Biotechnology

33. Flow Visualization

34. Frontiers in Applied Mechanics

35. Frontiers in electronics: advanced modeling of nanoscale electron devices

36. Frontiers in Electronics

37. Frontiers of Intelligent Control and Information Processing

38. Fundamentals of Electric Power Engineering

39. Gold Catalysis

40. Handbook of Advanced Methods and Processes in Oxidation Catalysis

41. Handbook of Biomimetics and Bioinspiration

42. Handbook of Carbon Nano Materials

43. Handbook of Green Materials

44. Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Volumes 31 – 35)

45. Holographic Microscopy of Phase Microscopic Objects

46. IAENG Transactions on Electrical Engineering Volume 1

47. Inspired Nanomaterials and Applications

48. Liquefaction Around Marine Structures

49. Logic Non-Volatile Memory

50. Machine Learning for Financial Engineering

51. Materials for Biofuels

52. Mitigation of Hydrodynamic Resistance

53. Modeling and Analysis of Dependable Systems

54. Nanodesign

55. Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Materials

56. New Chemistry and New Opportunities from the Expanding Protein Universe

57. Noise and Vibration Control

58. Photonics of Quantum-Dot Nanomaterials and Devices

59. Physics from the Edge

60. Rational Function Systems and Electrical Networks with Multi-Parameters

61. Resolution of the Twentieth Century Conundrum in Elastic Stability

62. Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials

63. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

64. Special Integral Functions Used in Wireless Communications Theory

65. Standards and Quality

66. Stochastic Simulation Optimization for Discrete Event Systems

67. Strain and Dislocation Gradients from Diffraction

68. The Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials

69. The Cutting Edge of Tribology

70. The Resilience of Networked Infrastructure Systems

71. The World in Prismatic Views

72. THz Identification for Defense and Security Purposes

73. Ultrafast Dynamics in Molecules, Nanostructures and Interfaces

74. Ultrasonic Micro/Nano Manipulations

75. Understanding Voltammetry

76. Woven Composites

77. X-Ray Scattering from Semiconductors and Other Materials