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Library for Natural Sciences of RAS

Name and Contact Points


Official Name of Library in Local Language
Biblioteka po estestvennym naukam Rossiiskoy akademii nauk (BEN RAN)

Name of the Institution in English, German and French
Library for Natural Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences (LNS RAS)

Name of Director or Chief Executive
Dr. Zakharov Alexander Grigorievich, Director

Ms Bitcherova Natalia Sergeevna (Collections & Library Services)

Senior Technologist
Prof. Kalenov Nicolai Evgenievich

Scientific Secretary
Ms Tshelaeva Nina Dmitrievna

Central Information Point Address
Library for Nat. Sci of RAS
11 Znamenka
119890 Moscow
Russian Federation

Central Telephone Number
+7 (095) 2912289

Central Fax Number
+7 095 2919193

Central E-mail Address

Foundation and function of the library

LNS is heading one of the most developed centralized library systems (CLS) of Russia and incorporates 250 libraries of the research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The Centralized Library System of LNS RAS comprises the libraries of the academic institutes of Moscow, Moscow region and other areas of Russia excluding the Siberian area(where academic libraries are incorporated in CLS of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of RAS Siberian Branch) and St.Petersburg region (where the central academic library is the Library of the Academy of Sciences (LAS).
LNS RAS cooperates with many foreign organizations. Specifically, the bureaux of Springer Verlag as well as the bureau of the Library of Congress work in the Library. Thanks to the support of IREX and USIA in LNS the access to INTERNET is available.
CLS LNS RAS is servicing over 76 thousand readers in all and its collections number about 15 million scientific publications. Along with the traditional functions of a large library LNS RAS carries out the following:

  • supplying the system's libraries with home and foreign published literature, which includes the analysis of the world book market, ordering books according to the funds allocated to every library, aquisition of the literature, its distribution among the libraries, the control over the fulfilment of orders;
  • keeping the Union Catalogue of the system's collections and giving references;
  • working as the Centre of Inter-Library Loan of literature in all fields for the libraries of its system and of natural science literature for other libraries of Russia;
  • information service for collective and individual users on the basis of processing of bought home and foreign data bases. Besides, LNS is the centre of working out and introduction automation technologies in the Academy Institutes' libraries. At present the processes connected with aquisition, processing of literature and information service are automized in LNS.

LNS RAS has the modern printing-works and equipment for microfilming and microfiching. LNS RAS proper, which is situated in the centre of Moscow, has a collection of over one million entries and is servicing about 15 thousand readers.


    The collection of LNS RAS includes home and foreign published literature on natural and exact sciences as well as on theoretical problems of technical, medical and agricultural sciences. As to the types of publications LNS RAS collects home and foreign published monographs, reference books, periodicals, conference proceedings, preprints (national preprints are stored during a year, foreign ones permanently), foreign theses and published accounts. LNS RAS does not aquire educational and popular scientific literature. LNS can boast of a rather full collection of foreign scientific literature published since 1973 (the year of the Library foundation). It comprises 80 % of its collection.


    For a scientific worker of any RAS organization to work in LNS it is enouph to produce his pass. As to readers working at other organizations they are serviced on contractual basis. For more detailed information on registration conditions call tel. (095)291-33-96 or (095)291-91-93.

    Online Information Services

    The LNS RAS Server - was open in March 1996

    Online Public Access Journal Catalogue - is availible now.

    Online Public Access Book Catalogue will be availible soon.

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