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June 17, 2018


Tour No. 1 The South Coast Palaces (The Livadia and Massandra Palaces)

Start: 8.00 a.m.
Duration: 12 hours
Bus and walking tour

We invite you to the Crimea of luxury, Crimea of the tsars. The route runs along Sudak-Yalta highway. The bus runs along the sea from Sudak to Alushta, and then takes the lively highway to Yalta.

Massandra Palace belonged to Tsar Alexander III. It was erected at the foot of the chine in the lonely place surrounded by the woods. The Romanov family came here to host picnics and to hunt, or for their leisure time during the day.

The Massandra Palace looks like just leaped from the pages of fairy tales with its rounded towers, sharp spires and frightening gargoyles on the facade. This elegant building is a replica of a French palace of Luis XIII style and is often called “little Versailles”. The Palace is surrounded by the gorgeous park and the wood. During the Soviet era, it served as a Communist government dacha. The Museum was established in 1992. 

The Livadian Palace Park Museum and Reserve is the last ensemble built in Russia for the Romanov family. Created by talented architect N. Krasnov in the first decade of the twentieth century, the Palace has been still attracting tourists from all over the globe. You may not miss this place when travelling in the Crimea. The Palace inspires poets, musicians and artists.

It evidenced many turning points in the history. The Livadian Palace is also notorious owing to the most significant event: in February 1945, the Yalta Conference was held there, when the leaders of the three anti-Hitler coalition states –Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill were discussing post-war reorganization.

You will visit the summer residence of Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor and see the display “The Romanovs in the Crimea”. The snow-white beautiful palace, was designed in the style of Italian Renaissance palazzo and erected in just 17 months. The ensemble embraces the Palace of the Minister of the Imperial Court, Comte Frederix, The Page Building, and the Holy Cross Elevation Cathedral.

The Livadian park, the oldest on the Southern coast, was laid out in the 1830s by prominent gardener Delinger. It tempers exotic plants with local oaks and beeches. The Livadian ensemble is surrounded by beautiful park with numerous marble benches, pavilions, fountains, retaining walls. Before we forward back to Sudak, you will be offered free time in the park.



Tour №2 Jur-Jur waterfalls — Church-Lighthouse in Malorechenskoye — Water Catastrophe Museum

Start: 8.00 a.m.
Duration: 8 hours
Bus and walking tour

Hints: Sportswear and hiking shoes are advisable. Don’t forget your swimming suit and camera.

On the way to Jur-Jur waterfalls we will visit the unique Church-Lighthouse of Saint Nickolas in the village of Malorechenskoye. Built in 2007 by architect A. Gaidamaka, the Church overlooks the sea. On the ground floor, the Museum of Sea Catastrophes is open. The Museum makes the part of the Water Fatalities Memorial. The Jur-Jur Waterfall of 15 meters height is the most water-abundant in the Crimea. It takes about 40 minutes walk to get to the gorge. The path is decorated with wooden sculptures. The Jur-Jur cave is not far away. The water temperature in the waterfall, lake and the river doesn’t exceed +10-11Сº on the hottest days.



Tour №3 Champagnes of Novy Svet

Start: 10.00, 14.30
Duration 4 hours
Bus and walking tour

Novy Svet is a real purl of the Crimea Coast. Away back 125 years, Prince Leo Golitsyn found the champagne winery in Novy Svet. In giant stone multitiered tunnels driven through the monolith of the Koba-Kaya mountain, the champagnes are ageing according to traditional technology. Today, 18 champagne and sparkling wine brands are produced by the winery. You will have a chance to degust some of them and to buy a couple of bottles of your choice from the winery outlet.


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