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The intellectual show game “What? Where? When?”

Dear colleagues – participants in the “Crimea-2018” Forum,

Traditionally, within the framework of “Crimea-2018” Forum the intellectual show game «What? Where? When? in Library, Information and Publishing Space» will be held.

It is a true intellectual show – with all its excitement and emotions, prize giving, a fourchette, , musical intermissions – everything to empower brain storm and to make the evening enjoyable.

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the contest of queries to be addressed to the game expert team. The contest winners – the best querists – will be invited to attend the game, and the best question will be awarded a special prize by our jury.

Dear colleagues, please be aware that the queries shall be exclusively within the subject scope of the show: «What? Where? When? in Library, Information and Publishing Space».

The queries shall be received by the Organizing Committee no later than on June 5 (please do not forget to identify the correct answer and a reference link).

Or may be you would prefer to find yourself in the team of experts – well, then do not hesitate to contact the organizers (along with your full name please also include your job title and name organization).

Our contact:

Ms Olga Shlenskaya, Game Administrator
Tel.: +7 495 698 93 05 ext. 6151

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