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Sunday, June 4, 2017


We invite all Forum participants to join us in one-day tours on Sunday, June 4. Please choose one of the routes and register online for reservation.

Please don’t forget to confirm your reservation and get your boarding pass when registering for the Forum on site on June 3.

You are kindly asked to register individually and for one tour only! If you change your mind please inform our authorized contact persons at:

Seating in tour buses is limited. The registration will close upon the tour group is complete.



Tour No. 1  The South Coast Palaces (The Livadia and Vorontsov Palaces)

Start: 8.00 a.m. 
Duration:  10 hours 
Bus and walking tour


Our first and main destination is the Comte Vorontsov’s Palace in Alupka. It is the only palace on the globe built practically of jewels, namely diabase, a volcanic stone. The architecture is an astounding symbiosis of Oriental and Western styles. The northern façade replicates several styles of English architecture, meanwhile the southern one is designed in Oriental style and refers to Alhambra, the palace complex of Spanish califs of the 14th century.

The privy chambers are worth seeing, too: The Calico Room, Chinese Study, Blue living room, billiard room, principal study, grand dining room and, of course, the magic winter garden.

The Alupka Park is the garden art heritage, famous for its three poetical Swan Lakes, The Great and the Little Chaoses (fantastic piles of diabase stone blocks), Waterfall Cave, sunny lawns and the unique collection of trees and plants from around the world.

From Alupka, we will move further, to the famous Swallow’s Nest Castle, our next destination, via the Lower Yalta Road. It’s a kind of the Crimean Peninsula symbol. You will enjoy the sight of this architectural miracle from the viewing deck.

 In Livadia, you will visit the summer residence of Nickolas II, the last Russia Emperor. The snow-white beautiful palace, designed by prominent architect Krasnov in the style of Italian Renaissance palazzo, is a true purl of Yalta and the South Coast of Crimea. The ensemble embraces the Palace of the Minister of the Imperial Court, Comte Frederix, The Page Building, and the Holy Cross Elevation Cathedral. It was there that Empress Alexandra Fedorovna was baptized into Orthodoxy, and Emperor Nicholas II took an oath to the Russian nation.

The Livadian Palace is also notorious owing to one more significant event: in February 1945, the Yalta Conference was held there, when the leaders of the three anti-Hitler coalition states –Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill were discussing post-war reorganization.

The Livadian ensemble is surrounded by beautiful park with numerous marble benches, pavilions, fountains, exotic plants and trees.

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Route №2  Jeep tour to Demerji, or «Kidnapping. Caucasian Style» movie routes.

Start: 8.00 a.m. 
Duration:  10 hours 
Bus and walking tour

TIP: Sportswear and hiking shoes are advisable.

Sightseeing sites: Monument to Victor Tsoy (Kino rock group) in the settlement of Morskoye, the Choban-Kule, the lighthouse church in Malorechenskoye, the southern Demerji, the Funa medieval castle, and jeep tour of the sites where famous Russian movies «Kidnapping. Caucasian Style», «Hearts of Three» were being filmed.

Jeep tour «Kidnapping. Caucasian Style» was designed by Jeeping Tour Sports Club in 2016 to celebrate the movie’s 50-th anniversary. Most of exterior shots were filmed in Alushta, or at the bottom of Demerji mountain. 


 The fascinating offroader tour embraces the sites where the key episodes were filmed: The Ghost Valley, the Nikulin’s Nut Tree, the Varley’s stone (the last two sites are named by the star actors of the movie) and the medieval Funa castle. The tour participants will get the chance to stand in the main characters’ shoes, to make photos and to enjoy incredible Demerji sights.





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Route № 3   Crimean Orthodox sanctities

Uyutnoye - Kilisa-Kaya (an archeological sensation) – Sunny Valley

Start: 9.00 a.m. 
Duration:  6 hours 
Bus and walking tour; walking tour – 1 km via the forest to Kilisa-Kaya church.

TIPS: Sportswear and hiking shoes are advisable.

Please also note that according to Russian Orthodox tradition women should wear skirts and be head-dressed when entering churches and monasteries.

Sightseeing sites: The Church of Parasceva in Uyutnoye, archeological site of the 10-th-11-th centuries, Kilisa-Kaya, St. Elijah the Prophet Cathedral of the 9th–12th th centuries in Sunny Valley.

  On the day of the Holy Trinity you are invited to join us in the pilgrimage tour of three Sudak Orthodox churches.

Beneath the Sudak Fortress walls, in the center of Uyutnoye settlement, the medieval Orthodox Church of St. Parasceva is located (dates back to 10th—12th centuries).

In 1804-1805, upon the German colony settled in Sudak, the church became the bakery. By the late 19th century, the plans were made to revive the church for the Orthodox German tourists visiting the colony. In 2010, the church was restored and opened. Climb the mountain forest road and see this historical monument – the largest Byzantine Orthodox cathedral in Crimea named after the mountain at the bottom of which it is located. The discovery of Kilisa-Kaya church is 2016 archeological sensation.

Archeologists were amazed by the fact that this large church was not ever mentioned in the written sources of its period. The only reference to the church is the place name – Kilisa Kaya means “the church mountain”.

Today, the church interior has been fully excavated, and its design is clearly seen – it is the large such building for its period building of about 200 sq. m. The researchers suppose it to be part of a religious ensemble, probably, a monastery.

The church was demolished during the Osman invasion of Crimea in 1475. The fire signs and fragments of Turkish arrows were found. However, the foundation date has not been established.

Yet, the earliest findings outside the building are dated from the first half of the 13th century. The St. Elijah Cathedral (9th-12th centuries) rises on the hill in the center of the Sunny Valley settlement. It is remarkable for its architecture and unusual Throne of God made of three stone slabs and closely adherent to the church eastern wall so that you cannot go around it. The door to the church in the southern wall is so low that you have to bow low when entering the church, and the local residents call it “the humility door”.

The church main relic is the marble baptistery of the and 4th-5th centuries brought from Constantinople and made from the Ancient column capital.

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Route №4    Degustation in Morskoye

Start: 10.00 a.m.,2.30 p.m. 
Duration:  3 hours 
Bus and walking tour.

 During the tour of Morskoye State Winery «Massandra» you will dip into the mystery of unique Crimean wide production, of which you will get the chance to test.

Since olden times, high quality grapes grow in the valley of Kapsihor settlement (Morskoye) and the great wines are produced. This area specific microclimate is favorable for heady and sweet wines (“Partenit Cahors” "Krymsky White Port” “Madeira Krymskaya”, Bastardo Massandra” “The Black Doctor Massandra”).

Grape varieties used in Cahor wine production (Caberne, Saperavi, Bastardo) in this climate accumulate sugar well, and the classic technology reveals the harmony of aroma and taste of this wine brand. The Winery’s terroir geographical location enables to produce legendary Madeira of Crimea. This amazing wine matures in the oak casks on the open sunny sites for four years to give birth to its bouquet and unforgettable taste.

Massandra’s Affiliate Morskoye is the largest producer of fine wines. The every third bottle of Massandra wines is produced in Morskoye. The aborigine grape varieties Kefesia, Kokur White, Muscat White, Muscat Rose make the Winery’s pride.

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