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1 Ц StatPressUnited company

2 Ц Research for Libraries, London, UK

3 Ц Omega-L Companies Group, Moscow, Russia

4 Ц Elsevier

5 Ц Grand-Fair Publishing Group, Moscow, Russia

6 Ц KnoRus Publishing House

7-8 Ц INFRA-M Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

9 Ц MIK-Inform company, Moscow, Russia

10 Ц Oranzhevy Les company, Moscow, Russia

11 Ц Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

12 Ц ProQuestCSA, Washington DC

12a Ц Ellibs Oy, Helsinki, Finland

13 Ц Emerald Group Publishing, London, UK

14-15 Ц KONEK Ltd, Moscow, Russia

16-17 Ц eLIBRARY.RU Scientific Electronic Library, Moscow, Russia

18 Ц UNITY-DANA Publishing House

19 Ц Euromonitor International, London, UK

20 Ц Russian School Library Association

21, 21a Ц MK-Periodika Ltd., Moscow, Russia

22 Ц ALEE Software, St.Petersburg, Russia

23 Ц Professiya Publishing House, St.Petersburg, Russia

24 Ц ProSoft-M Ltd., Moscow, Russia

25 Ц BKS, Moscow, Russia

26-26a Ц AST-Press Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

27 Ц IRISEN Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

28 Ц Higher School of Economics State University, Moscow, Russia

29 Ц EVIS Ц official partner of East View Information Services, Moscow, Russia

30 Ц Alliance-Kniga bookselling company, Moscow, Russia

31 Ц Agat System, Minsk, Belarus

32 - Academia Publishing Center, Moscow, Russia

33 - LIBNET, Moscow, Russia

33a - Reserved

34 Ц Information and Analytical Systems

35 - Controlling Chaos Technologies, Moscow, Russia

36 - Reserved

37 Ц Investment Projects

38 Ц Inform-Sistema Ltd

38а Ц Novogrudsky Metalware Plant, Novogrudsk, Belarus

39 Ц Kiev-Mohyla Academy Publishing House, Kiev, Ukraine

40 Ц 41 MarT Publishing Center

42 Ц Onyx Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

43 Ц idlogic company

43а Ц Reserved

44 Ц УBINOM. Knowledge LaboratoryФ Publishing House, Moscow, Russia

45 Ц Aero Solutions SPb, St.Petersburg, Russia

46 Ц ISTA-Tekhnika Ltd, St.Petersburg, Russia

47 Ц Moscow Libraries

48 Ц Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia

49 Ц InfoUSA

50 Ц УFolioФ Publishing House, Kiev, Ukraine

51 Ц Ukrainian Libraries

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