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Editorial Council


Rujero Gilyarevsky – Dr. Sc. (Philology), Prof., Division Head, All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI); Moscow, Russia (giliarevski@viniti.ru)



Vladimir Grachev – Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences; Moscow, Russia (info@vernadsky.ru)

Valery Ivanov – Dr. Sc. (Economics), Prof., Rector, International Academy of Business and New Technologies; Yaroslavl, Russia (org@mubint.ru)

Grigory Ivliyev – Cand. Sc. (Juridical), Head, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property; Moscow, Russia (ivliev@rupto.ru)

Nikolay Kalenov – Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., Director, Russian Academy of Sciences Library for Natural Sciences; Moscow, Russia (nek@benran.ru)

Francis Kirkwood – "Kirkwood Professional"; Ottawa, Canada (kirkwood.professional@sympatico.ca)

Ekaterina Kudrina – Dr. Sc. (Pedagogy), Prof., Rector, Corporate University Autonomous non-profit organization of supplementary professional education "Center of development of interpersonal communications - educational programs"; Moscow, Russia (kudrina@ruscenter.ru)

Natalya Kushnarenko – Dr. Sc. (Pedagogy), Prof., Kharkov State Academy of Culture; Kharkov, Ukraine (knn@ic.ac.kharkov.ua)

Valery Leonov – Dr. Sc. (Pedagogy), Prof., Director, Russian Academy of Sciences Library; St. Petersburg, Russia (valleo@mail.ru)

Roman Motulsky – Dr. Sc. (Pedagogy), Professor, Director of the National library of Belarus; Minsk, Republic of Belarus (director@nlb.by; inbox@nlb.by)

Vladimir Panin – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Prof., Rector, Leo Tolstoy State Pedagogical University; Tula, Russia (tgpu@tula.net)

Yakov Shrayberg – Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., Director General, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology; Moscow, Russia (gpntb@gpntb.ru)

Arkady Sokolov – Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), Prof.; St. Petersburg, Russia (sokolov1@front.ru)