: The Topic of Innovation at Crimea Conference: Stages of the Big Way . Brief history of the topic Innovation at the Libraries development at Crimea International Conference.
      . .
Guseva  Evgeniya   
, . ( ) Innovation Strategy, Factor and Condition for Library Develeopment. (An Attempt of Paper in Non-standard Format) ( ) . The authors attempt to analyze and justify (in non-standard format as well) the role of innovations for modern libraries sustainable development
    - Ļ 
Ushakova  Olga   
: . ( ) From Reading Management to Customer Focus: Change of Paradigm (Information Library of the Enterprise Practice) , ; . The paper describes few aspects of introduction of customer focused approach of information library of the enterprise, importance of application of principles of customers relationship management (CRM) in library practice, and practical experience of changes made in accordance with readers request in traditional library work.
    . . . () 
Dedik  Pavel   
: Web Scale Discovery New Opportunities for Accessing Foreign Libraries Resources: WebScale Discovery Systems , . Web Scale Discovery, . . The special features of OPACs of a new generation providing access to libraries resources are disclosed. The systems of Web Scale Discovery type designed on the basis of OPACs of a new generation development are considered. The results of implementation of systems of this type at university libraries in foreign countries are analyzed on the basis of professional publications studies.
    ( ) , ,   . . , ;
Sukiasyan  Eduard   
? Do Library Catalogs Have Future? , ( , ) : . An attempt to prove that library catalogs (either card or electronic) have no chance to survive in the future was taken: search engines of new generation will replace them.
Kapustina  Anna   
: Studying Current Acquisitions Quality of Municipal Libraries Collections in Belgorod Region: The Results of Survey , 647 . . The results of regional survey with participation of 647 municipal public libraries in Belgorod Region are presented. The problems of current acquisitions are disclosed and the ways for their solution are highlighted.
Zdobnukhina  Olga   
: Optimization of Technical Journals Collection Development and Use: the Experience of Samara Regional Universal Scientific Library , . The results of the ways and optimization of technical journals collection distribution held on the basis of Periodicals Sector, the Department of Reading Rooms, Samara Regional Universal Scientific Library. Irina Burdinskaya and Anna Kostitsina. Studying the Rare Books Collection of the Library: Research Activities of Perm State Pedagogical University
Burdinskaya  Irina   
Kostitsina  Anna   
: - Studying the Rare Books Collection of the Library: Research Activities of Perm State Pedagogical University Students - . The experience and results of professors and students joint research activity in studying rare books collection of the library.
    - () 
Ihlova  Noami   
: Attracting New Users to the Library: Guest Exhibitions of the Central Scientific Library for Construction and Architecture , . A brief story about successful guest exhibitions illustrated by attendees feedback.
Prilipko  Tatyana   
-    () 
Rusanovsky  Kirill   
Rudzsky  Lev   
- Innovation Technologies in the Operations of the Department for Scientific Bibliography at the National Historical Library of Ukraine - ; . The contemporary experience of the operations of the Department for Scientific Bibliography at the National Historical Library of Ukraine, including use of IRBIS ALIS and cloud technology are considered.
Kryukova  Anna   
: The Ecological Section of the Web Site of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology: The Analysis of Effectiveness and Development Prospects , , . The ecological section of the web site of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology is presented, the statistical data characterizing its operations are analyzed, the opportunities for the site further development and resetting are considered.
    () . . . () 
Morshchikhina  Larisa   
- () . . . -: Scientific and Education Project of Northern (Arctic) Federal University Arctic-fund: Territory of Dialogue - - () . . . (). 2012. The author describes main features of style of postmodern epoch, difference between concepts information and knowledge is shown, and importance of usage of media technologies in social and spiritual sphere of community is stated. Activity of Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk) in the sphere of forming unique information space in view of the main directions reflecting national interests of Russia in Arctic, is presented as exemplified by scientific and education project Arctic-fund.
Serebryanaya  Maria   
? How Should We Learn Library Future? , , . . . (. . -. 2012. 9). A response to the paper by Valery Leonov Library Future as a Subject of Study (Scientific and Technical Libraries. 2012. 9). The issues of library evolution, the role of individuality in its development, the issues of a librarys participation in the world information process are considered.
̖2012. LIBCOM 2012. Work review
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